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  New Annual Rate per e-mail box
Up to 5 e-mail accounts
24,00 €/year
From 6 to 20 e-mail accounts
22,80 €/year
From 21 to 50 e-mail accounts
60,00 €
20,40 €/year
From 51 to 100 e-mail accounts
120,00 €
18,00 €/year
From 101 to 300 e-mail accounts
150,00 €
17,00 €/year
From 301 to 500 e-mail accounts
190,00 €
15,60 €/year
From 501 to 1000 e-mail accounts
250,00 €
14,40 €/year
More than 1000 e-mail accounts
450,00 €
13,20 €/year

Tired of getting spam, viruses and phishing through your email? Stop Spam.

The complete solution with our Antispam service: Total and immediately security for your mail. Is not necessary that you have a mailserver in Entorno.

Free month trial and with no obligation. If at the end you are not satisfied the service will be deactivated.

95% of users who tried it are satisfied


Protection against transmitted threats by electronic mail

We provide industry leading protection to organizations of all sizes and understand the role of technology in business. The AntiSpam service provides comprehensive protection against the most current email-borne threats that can cripple your network if left unprotected. With our system based on the Barracuda platform, optimize the performance of your email server while utilizing the following protections:

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Protección de Datos de carácter personal

En relación a la normativa legal vigente de protección de datos de carácter personal y al nuevo Reglamento General de Protección de Datos (RGPD), le informamos que el responsable de los datos que nos ha proporcionado es ENTORNO DIGITAL, S.A. La finalidad de la recogida es proporcionarle el servicio solicitado, con base legal reglamentada según el Código de Comercio y leyes Complementarias. Sus datos son confidenciales y serán utilizados únicamente para dicha finalidad. Le informamos que mediante la marcación de las casillas entenderemos que consiente el tratamiento de sus datos para cada una de las finalidades indicadas. Puede ejercer sus derechos de acceso, rectificación, cancelación, oposición derecho a la transparencia de la información, derecho de supresión, de limitación y de portabilidad dirigiéndose a ENTORNO DIGITAL, S.A. (C/ Santa Anna, 32 Cerdanyola del Vallès / ) Paralelamente, tiene derecho a dirigir sus reclamaciones ante las Autoridades de protección de datos.

Asimismo, respecto de los datos personales de terceros que el interesado haya facilitado, el interesado declara bajo su responsabilidad que los terceros han sido informados del tratamiento y su finalidad, todo lo cual han consentido. También declara que los terceros han sido informados de la posibilidad de ejercitar sus derechos de acceso, rectificación, cancelación y oposición así como de la identidad y dirección del responsable del tratamiento.

Puede obtener más información sobre el tratamiento de sus datos en Aviso legal

Antispam ptotections

  • Protection against junk mail
    The algorithms and methods used are the most comprehensive and most advanced in the industry at detecting and filtering spam resulting in the lowest rate of false positives.
  • Antivirus protection
    By utilizing three layer virus blocking, (virus blocking, decompression of archives and file type blocking) the anti-virus engine provides complete virus protection.
  • Anti-Spoofing protection
    This technology prevents the use of forged or "spoofed" sender addresses on unsolicited email. The anti-spoofing feature also allows larger organizations to specify a list of IP addresses that are allowed to have a "From" address that appears from inside the organization to support multiple sites and multiple email servers.
  • Phishing protection
    Robust protection against phishing schemes which are often used to gather confidential information about an organization or it's individual users.
  • Anti-spyware protection
    (Attachments) - All attachments are scanned and any spyware executables are detected and eliminated immediately.
  • Denial of Service Protection
    Rate controls are utilized to stop denial of service attacks as well as dictionary based spam attacks. These rate control systems are automatic and integrated in our systems. On this sketch you can see the twelve complete defense layers to provide protection to your email server and to your emails.

On this sketch you can see the twelve complete defense layers to provide protection to your email server and to your emails.

Barracuda Spam Firewall Architecture
Barracuda Spam Firewall Architecture