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E-INFO documents

E-INFO documents

Do you have a static website without obtain benefits?

Obtain the maximum web performance with e-info: web design, top news area, public and private documents area with a lively and easy CMS (content management system).

Possibility to enlarge web functions using modules.

Montlhy payment

19,90 / month

Setup: 149€

Prices without VAT

Payment method
100% at the contract acceptance.

  • Html Design and layout. (1 language)
  • Integration into the hosting platform.
  • Maintenance and software update to new S.O versions , programming languages or databases.

Single payment

799 €

Price without VAT

Payment method:
30% at the contract acceptance.
70% deat the end of the project.

  • Html Design and layout. (1 language)
  • Integration into the hosting platform.
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- Publicize your Business and gain future clients.
- Show detailed information about the company, products and services.
- Save time and efficiency in the document management between you and your clients.
- Create a flexible an intuitive website.
- Provide direct communication with your users to meet any inquiry or request of information.

Our design team will customize the web template with personal design web, adapted to your corporate image.

You will keep informed your customers on the latest news, regulations, collective agreements, rates, payrolls, etc. You decide if the information is public, private, shared with several clients or if it is unique to each one.

The site will be initially implemented in one language. Future languages are possible with an extra cost. (200€ /each).


  • Introduction

    Web design with description and brief company history, the text will be complemented by a representative Photo.

  • Services

    Description of the principals company services. Descriptive text complemented by two photos.

  • News (keyword, list and news tab searcher)

    Public section showing the list of news published by the web administrator. The listing is paginated and can be sort by tittle or date. The news is accesible throght this listing.

    You will have an opportunity to highlight a news on the home. All news can be edit using a easy content management system.

  • CMS (content management system)

    This space is available exclusively to registered users, by username and password. There will be a remote administration, from which you can manage users and documents assigned to them, all the information will be available at all times.

    The Web administrator can add, modify and delete documents. Documents may be assigned to be consulted by all customers, only a group or groups of customers, or only for a particular customer.

    The central administration will have a master profile.

    Each time the web administrator upload a document, an email is generated to all customers who are assigned to that document. This section will have a searcher by keywords to access a particular document, documents can be sorter by title or date.

  • Location (Adress and map)

    Information about company locatio, adress, phone numbers, email, location map.

  • Contact (contact form)

    An online application form to send any kind of enquiries to the company.

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