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Custom WordPress

Custom WordPress

Open your web project through Internet with Entorno Wordpress, just relax as we will take care of the whole process.

Your domain

We will register your desired domain name, to be easily recognised on Internet

Your Email accounts

We will setup your email address, helping you to configurate it on your devices: laptop, tablet or mobile.

Your Website

We will also create your site. Creating the main pages, introducing a contact form and fulfilling all the legal framework.


  • Domain

    The domain registration is included in the service. You can choose between a .com, .es, .cat, .eu, .net, .org, .biz or .info extension, not already registered.

    Entorno Digital is accrediteb by ICANN,Esnic, Eurid and PuntCAT.

  • Mail

    you can configure up to 10 email addresses @yourdomain. We will help you to create its on the control panel, and to configure your devices.

    Check you email from any device with Internet connection.

    The hosting plan is configured with all the necessaries features also if you need to upgrade your website in the future.

  • Web

    The web development is including in the package. The website is created using wordpress, the most famous CMS. You only need to select the template and we will develop all sections, contents, images, your logo, videos...

    Furthermore if you are a creative person, you will be able to edit the content or create new pages and Connect your website with your facebook, twitter and linkedin accounts!

    Entorno Wordpress is the perfect webservice to expand your website at the same time as your business

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