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XXX Domains

Register your .XXX now with Entorno Digital. Accredited registrar by ICM Registry.


The adult industry has been a substantial part of the Internet since its inception. However as the domain name system has dramatically expanded, it has become increasingly difficult to identify what individual websites offer without actually visiting them.

Despite a very large online market for adult entertainment, large sections of society do not wish to come into contact with its products and as such .XXX provides both willing consumers of adult entertainment and those who wish to avoid it with an easily identifiable mark – the end of the web address.

For adult entertainment providers, those voluntarily identifying themselves as compliant with a comprehensive set of Best Business Practices that are part of the registry policies can provide more predictable revenue streams, greater customer retention and fewer complaints, as regulators and others will see adult entertainment providers take a proactive and responsible approach to their web presence.

  1. Sunrise A1 Trademarks
  2. Sunrise A2: Grandfathering
  3. Sunrise B Trademarks
  4. Landrush
  5. Golive

.XXX Domains

Registrastion Basis:

All members of the adult Sponsored Community can apply without pre-existing rights or qualifications unlike in the previous launch periods.

For those who are non-members of the adult Sponsored Community, accredited registrars will accept applications for non-resolving .XXX domain names. The intention is to protect their intellectual property for personal domain names, company domain names, product domain names, etc. that didn't have prior qualifying rights under Sunrise B.

Allowed characters:

-Minimum: 3

-Maximum: 63

-Letters and numbers.


59 euros per year

Without VAT

.XXX domain names will be allocated to applicants on a first come, first served basis.

If you want to register several .XXX domains check our discounts per volume.