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.XXX Domains


All members of the adult Sponsored Community can apply without pre-existing rights or qualifications unlike in the previous launch periods.

For those who are non-members of the adult Sponsored Community, accredited registrars will accept applications for non-resolving .XXX domain names. The intention is to protect their intellectual property for personal domain names, company domain names, product domain names, etc. that didn't have prior qualifying rights under Sunrise B.

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  2. Sunrise A2: Grandfathering
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  4. Landrush
  5. Golive


Launch Date:

November 8th - November 25th

Registrastion Basis:

Only members of the sponsored community (Individuals, business, entities, and organizations that; provide online, sexually-oriented adult entertainment) will be able to register during Landrush.

Allowed characters:

-Minimum: 3

-Maximum: 63

-Letters and numbers.


119 euros

Without VAT

If there are more than one application for the same domain this will go to auction. Is your application is rejected by the registry only 58 euros will be refunded.

If you want to register several .XXX domains check our discounts per volume.