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The territorial domains or ccTLDs (country code Top Level Domains) are domains that make reference to a country or geographical zone. More than 300 territorial extensions exist which can be useful if you want to be known in that country or wants to protect his commercial trademarks.

Entorno Digital can help you to register the principal territorial domains that exist in the world: .es, .tv, .cc, .eu and .asia, .de,, .it, .fr, .dk, .be, .nl, .in, .jp, .cn, .hk, .us,...

Each extension is ruled by a regulation and a few different prices, according to the established norms by the registrar that manages the extension. If you wants to register a territorial domain that is not available in our application, get in touch with us across 935 942 101, +34 935 942 101 or of and we will inform you about the norms and the prices.