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EMail Business


1,90€ / month per account

annual payment required, valid for 1 year
Prices without VAT


15 testing days

100% money back guarantee if you are not satisfied.
To contract a PLAN, is required to register a domain with us. During the registration process you'll be able to add this product to your order.
EMail Business

Entorno MailBusiness in an email solution oriented to professionals, businesses and self employees. Get an email addresses to synchronize and access your mail from a PC, laptop, smartphone or tablet,...Sharing calendars, contacts and tasks. Everything Synchronized and with webmail access.

The office on your hands

Manage your emails, contacts, calendars and notes from a Pc, laptop, smartphone, tablet...

Access through Webmail from any device with Internet connection

Synchronize with your iphone, smartphone, Android, blackberry and tablets

Active Sync option (iOS, Android, Windows Mobile i BlackBerry OS)

Improve your business communications with Entorno EmailBusiness

Manage private and public resources (calendars, contacts, task lists and note lists)

Import and export data from others business group applications

Contact list searches, meetings planification, deadline on your calendar

Agenda Options,

Contact Option:



2 Gb x Mail
5 Gb x Mail
1 to 25
1,90€ x Mail