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Domain Transfer .cat

Transfer Domain
If you have a domain .CAT registered with another registrar and you would like to transfer it to Entorno for been able to administrate it through us, follow the following steps.

Introduce the domain you want to transfer and the password (Auth. ID) which has been assigned by the other registrar, on the corresponding fields. (If you don’t know the password you can request it to the registrar which registered the domain and they must inform you).

If they accept or don’t answer the registrar change will be done (If they don’t answer it is done in 5 days). Once the transference has been done effectively we will inform you by e-mail. If the other registrar declines the transference we will return your money to your available so you can use it on a new transference request.

Note: The transference cost is the same as the renewal cost and the domain is renewed automatically for another year.