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The accredited registrar by ICANN Entorno Digital has been accredited by the Fundació puntCAT. Dotcat domain is a sponsored generic domain or sponsored TLD (sponsored Top Level Domain) that identifies the cultural community and Catalan linguistics in Internet.

Domain registration is free to any person, organization or company that wants to have an email or web with .cat domain. If used for a website, regardless of the other languages listed, the website should have content in Catalan or disclose about Catalan culture or catalan language in any other languages.

.Cat domain registration will be of big help to any person or organization (National or international) that wants to offer products and services or announce his activities to the cultural and linguistic Catalan community.

IDN characters for domains .cat

Due to the big increase of use of the IDN (ç, á, ü,…) in Internet, in Entorno Digital we offer the possibility of registering domains .cat with the catalan IDN characters: à; é; è: í; ï; ó; ò; ú; ü; ç; l·l. When register a IDN .cat domain you have his equivalent without IDN for the same price.