Dedicated Servers

All the resources of an exclusive server for you in a completely private environment.

Dedicated servers provide you with all the resources of an exclusive server for you. You will have a totally private environment, you will be able to install and control the applications you want, as well as manage the level of security that you consider optimal.

With a dedicated server you will have the peace of mind of having an entire server for your company, at a really competitive price, without sharing anything with any other user.

If you need the maximum resources with the highest security available, a dedicated server is your option.

Our dedicated Servers are located in our data centers which comply with the strictest security and availability measures.

Dedicated servers hosted in the data center

  • Maximum Security Measures
  • Systems of continuity of electrical supply. Line availability greater than 99.99%
  • Air conditioning with redundancy, detection of smoke, heat and humidity, fire walls
  • Double electrical connection, generator set and UPS with autonomy for all the critical elements of the center that allow to ensure an optimal electrical availability for the hosted servers
  • Presence detectors, restricted access control systems
  • Surveillance and monitoring of 24x7 infrastructures

Characteristics of dedicated servers

According to your needs we will offer you the best solution in dedicated servers. We have state-of-the-art DELL servers located in our data centers, which comply with the strictest security measures.

You can have:

  • Server monitoring services
  • Shared firewall services or own firewall, according to your needs
  • PLESK ONYX control panels for management of accommodation plans
  • Daily or real-time backup service
  • Servers dedicated in redundancy to give maximum guarantees to their most critical web services: B2B, B2C, extranet, order management ...
  • Servers with hard disks in RAID
  • Web statistics
  • Alert service in case of 24x7 server crash
  • Installation of customized software: Linux operating system, Apache web server, mail server, PHP, MySQL, antivirus, antispam, ...
  • Fixed IP for your server
  • Connection availability greater than 99.99%