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Dedicated Servers

Dedicated Servers

A dedicated Server brings you all the resources of an exclusive Server. You will obtain a completely private environment, be able to install and control all the necessary applications and manage the best security level.

With a dedicated Server you will benefit of a fully server for your business at a competitive price and without share nothing with another users.

If you need the maximun resources with the best security, a dedicated server is your option.

Our dedicated servers are hosted in our data centers that cover all security and Availability mesures.

Dedicated servers hosted in data center

  • Maximun security measures
  • Redundant Connectivity lines. Line availabity over 99.99%
  • Fire protection systems, heat and motion detectors, biometrics and control access. Only the authorised personnel can access to the servers.
  • Redundant electric supply by SAIs and generators. Our electric facilities owned a by-pass system, critics charge transferences without cut offs.. to ensure an optimum electric deployment.
  • HVAC to ensure the optimun temperature and humidity levels
  • 24x7 monitoring and permanent security measures.

Dedicated servers characteristics

Depending your needs we are offering the best solution on dedicated servers. Our ultimate generation Dell servers are host in our data centers.

You will dispose,

  • monitoring Server service
  • Shared firewall or owned firewall, depending your needs
  • PLESK ONYX control panel to manage your hosting plans
  • Daily or real time backup
  • Redundant dedicated servers for your critic web services, B2B, B2C, extranet, E-commerce...
  • Servers in RAID
  • Web stats
  • Warning systems 24x7
  • Software installation, Linux operating system, apache web server, mail server, PHP, MYSQL, antivirus, antispam...
  • Fixed I.P
  • Line availabity over 99.99%

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