Guarantee your customers that the emails they receive from you are not fraudulent.

BIMI (Brand Indicators for Message)

BIMI is a standard for authenticating logo images in emails that brands send us to prevent email fraud.

What are verified mark certificates?

Verified Mark Certificates (VMC) are digital certificates that guarantee the recipient the veracity of the sending company or organization, showing the registered brand logo in the avatar space, next to the email.

They verify that the image of the logo that is shown in the email can only come from the domain that sends us the email, canceling phishing and other forms of fraud and brand impersonation.

VMCs protect your emails against fraud using DMARC anti-spoofing technology. Brand visibility also helps emails stand out and grab attention in the inbox.

Marca verificada

Benefits for your brand

Certificados de marca verificada
More impressions of the brand

Increased dissemination of the brand by displaying the logo at the cost of each electronic mail.

Certificados de marca verificada
Increased brand reputation

Greater confidence of your clients induced by the technological skill and awareness in the security of your emails.

Certificados de marca verificada
Increased interaction with email

VMCs help emails stand out in the inbox, increasing open rates, brand recall, and purchase likelihood.

Security Benefits

Certificados de marca verificada
Automatic installation and allocation

Your logo and the certificate of registration receive a secure allocation for an automated and simple installation and renewal process.

Certificados de marca verificada
Reduces the risk of fraud

DMARC's anti-spoofing technology protects emails from fraud.

Certificados de marca verificada
Improved mail deliverability

DMARC compliance decreases the chances of emails ending up in spam folders.


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