Online Risks


Take control to prevent your WEB from being redirected to phishing sites.

Fake Emails – Emails containing computer viruses sent from existing email addresses, in order to better mislead recipients. In this way, you will accidentally spread the virus later when you open the message. The hacker can extract personal data or even control the computer remotely.

IP spoofing is the process of sending IP packets from an unassigned source IP address to the sending computer.

Smartspoofing: allows you to use any client by spoofing the IP address. This ignores network security rules. This technique, combined with address translation, can even disable firewalls.

The intention of the spoofing can be twofold:

Hackers hide their identity in attacks. In the case of a DDoS attack or a ricochet attack, this technique is practiced to mix the sources of the attack. Each attack packet can have a different IP address, rendering any filtering efforts ineffective.

Cybercriminals use the identity of a network device to access specific services on the network.

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