DPML Donuts

DPML (Domains protected mark list) protects holders of trademarks against cyber harassment, by blocking their trademarks in all extensions managed by Donuts inc. (Operator that manages around 250 new gTLDs domains).

Only trademark holders registered in the Trademark Clearinghouse (TMCH) can add terms related to their trademark within DPML and block them, so that they can not be registered by third parties in the extensions of new domains managed by Donuts.


How does it work?

Trademark holders must request the term that exactly matches the TMCH registered trademark or a term that contains the trademark. Once the request to be introduced in DPML is accepted, it will be blocked in all Donuts TLDs. The subscription may be renewed for periods of 1 up to a maximum of 10 years. A domain blocked by DPML is NOT operational, so it could not be used to host a web portal, email or any other functionality.

How do I register my brand in DPML?

The trademark owner must have trademark registration in the Trademark Clearinghouse (TMCH) and have a valid SMD file.

How many TLDs can I block with DPML?

Donuts requested the management of 307 TLDs and operates around 250 extensions. The complete list of TLDs operated by Donuts will be displayed at www.donuts.co/dpml/tlds.

When is it recommended to register my brand in DPML?

It is recommended to block in DPML as soon as possible, because the subscription does not block the extensions that have been opened previously. For example, if .camera opens on October 29 and the block in DPML is done on January 1, that block will not contain the .camera extension.

What benefits does DPML offer to the owner of the brand?

DPML includes the blocking of homográficos domains, automatically improving the protection of the mark when avoiding that many of these domains are attacked by the most common and sophisticated phishing techniques, avoiding imitation of recognizable brands and names of domain by means of the use of IDN registries (internationalized domain names).

Powerful: Allows brand owners to protect beyond their trademark term, DPML allows to protect terms that contain the trademark.

Flexible: The program allows brand owners to protect terms in all Donuts TLDs, and also allows you to register your brand or terms related to it, in extensions of specific domains during or after sunrise.

Simple: Domains blocked in DPML will not be active on the Internet, so it does not require any specific configuration.

Assumed: The cost for trademark owners is significantly less than performing a defensive registration of all Donuts extensions.

Are there any restrictions?

Domains already registered: A term will not be blocked if you are already registered as a domain. If a domain is excluded for DPML, because it is registered, the right of the applicant in DPML can be used to block in the rest of Donuts extensions. If the domain, previously registered, expires or is deleted, the block in DPML will be automatically applied in that domain in favor of the owner of the DPML.

Premium Domains: Most Donuts TLDs will have a standard price. However there will be a limited number of premium domains with a higher price. DPML will block standard terms not applicable to premium terms.

Other Sunrise rights: Another trademark owner with sunrise rights, for the same term blocked in DPML, may register the desired domain, even if it is blocked. This is known as cancellation.

Limitation of characters

Terms of one or two characters are not allowed for blocking in DPML. Terms with 3 characters are allowed only if it is exactly the brand name.

What is an annulment?

A block in DPML can be overridden for a specific domain, if another holder with the same brand and sunrise rights * wants it. The cancellation may be made at any time, either by the account holder in DPML or by any trademark owner with rights over said name.

* Sunrise rights in TMCH: The brand name must coincide with the domain to be registered and must have the valid SMD file provided by TMCH.

Is there a whois of locks in DPML?

Yes, the whois will identify the data of the account holder in DPML and will specify that the domain is blocked to be registered.

Will account holders in DPML have to be registered with TMCH?

Yes, the trademark owner must have the trademark registered and valid in the Trademark Clearinghouse during the period of the blockade in DPML. Donuts has the right to delete the block if it detects that the brand is not active in TMCH.