Domain recovery

Advice, negotiation and management of purchase and recovery of domains

Recuperación de dominios

Management and negotiation purchase of domains

Entorno Digital offers direct advice, negotiation and purchase management of domains belonging to third parties that may be of interest. If the brand needs to acquire a domain that is registered by others, the purchase option can be the solution if it can not be obtained by other means.

Entorno Digital has extensive experience in this type of operations. More than 500 domains obtained for our clients through direct purchase or auctions. Working with the main insurance purchasing and payment platforms internationally.

Entorno Digital offers the turnkey service.

Recuperación de dominios


(Uniform Domain Dispute Resolution Policy). It is a quick procedure by which you can claim a domain in conflict of interest and get the transfer immediately if the WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization) fails in favor of the claimant. Digital environment, you have a great team which will take care of the entire legal process in disputes for a domain (conflicts of brands, etc ...)

Recuperación de dominios


(Fast suspension of domains). It is a procedure that can be initiated by brands that are registered in the Trademark Clearinghouse, to block domains that have been registered in new extensions and that coincide with the registered trademark. This mechanism allows blocking these domains, registered by third parties, to prevent them from making illegitimate use of the brand.

Recuperación de dominios

Presentation of Requirements and Judicial Way

When it is detected that a domain that contains our client's brand can be fraudulent actions can be initiated as requirements via mail, burofax to the owners of these domains to try to get the cession of the domain in favor of the owner of the brand as soon as possible or the cessation of undue activities.

In case of not having an answer, other actions besides the intrinsic to domains such as UDRP, URS can be carried out, such as initiating the process of domain recovery through judicial means. Environment can evaluate the request and start the process.

He will take charge of all the management and monitoring of it until the end of it.