Authentication and privacy of information between extremes


SSL Certificates

The security of information is in all media with news related to problems of pirated accounts, stolen credit cards, identity theft etc ...

For them, users feel much safer when their information travels encrypted and visit pages that contain "https: //"

SSL certificates provide authentication and privacy of information between ends over the Internet through the use of cryptography. Today they are used in WEB servers, email servers and in most communication services on the Internet

Therefore, companies should use this type of protection for all their websites and applications susceptible to this security.

For example, they can show the coherence between the ownership of the domain name, the organization that appears in the CSR * and the requesting organization

* CSR (Certificate Signing Request) is a message sent by an applicant to a certification authority to request a digital identity certificate.

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Backup Acronis

The most reliable backup, fast and for any environment

Adapted to the Company

Companies can not run the risk of losing important data as this can be transformed into large losses or even go bankrupt.

Each time the large amount of media used for information (management, accounting, portable, mobile, web servers, etc.) means that the information is not sufficiently protected against unforeseen circumstances, the backup solution of Entorno Digital, based on Acronis, It responds to all these new environments.

Complete availability

  • Do not have downtime.
  • Being able to work again in seconds.
  • Prevent ransomware attacks (Cryptolocker among others)
  • Recover virtual machine.
  • Restore servers or PCs

Quick backup

  • The business can not stop.
  • The systems must always be in production.
  • Adjust copy to the most propitious windows.
  • Savings of computing and network capacity by deduplication and operations outside the main server.
  • Backup copies in just three clicks for instant protection.

Complete protection

  • 21 protected platforms
  • Secure clouds, hypervisors, applications and mobile devices.
  • Protect your business no matter what technology you use.
  • Storage of scale and operations tailored to growth.

Spend less. Better ROI and TCO

  • Up to 40 percent savings compared to traditional backup.
  • Without initial costs
  • Save up to 10 times in storage with new deduplication techniques.
  • 20 percent less work hours with simplified and automated administration.

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WEB Security Audits

Up to 70% of websites contain vulnerabilities that can cause the theft of confidential corporate data, such as credit cards, information, customer lists.

The security of the website should be a priority in any organization, but in many cases it is not taken into account and it is overlooked that hackers continuously crawl the WEB

Shopping carts, forms, login pages and dynamic content are accessible 24 hours a day and control valuable data that we can not allow to be violated.

Firewalls, network anti-penetration software, etc. are useless in the protection of WEB sites since the ports used for this service must be open to everyone and therefore can not be protected.

In addition most web applications are made to measure and therefore can be tested less or standard software is used in which security holes are quickly discovered by hackers.

With the WEB security tool based on Acunetix (the leading security company worldwide) it tests websites and web applications with all types of access from SQL Injection, XSS, XXE, SSRF, Host Header Attacks, etc ... More than 4500 Web vulnerability types.
In addition, it provides powerful vulnerability management tools to ensure that they are not only discovered, but that remedies are provided that do not affect the security of the business, as well as the generation of audit reports so that the company's management can apply the necessary strategies .

Track and scan
What can not be traced can not be scanned. The Acunetix tool can track any complex web including HTML5 and JavaScript architectures and also in restricted areas

Detection and alert
Acunetix can detect more than 4500 types of web vulnerabilities, alerting in order of severity. From the most critical and important vulnerability, alerts to take into consideration and recommendations. With the ability to ensure alerts avoiding false positives.

Prioritize and Manage
You can manage all the vulnerabilities in your organization. Prioritizing those that you consider and according to the regulations and standards of security