Exchange Mail

Your email synchronized on all your devices, sharing contacts, calendars, notes or tasks.

Mail Exchange is the most complete and efficient business email solution. Access all your data from any device: smartphone, tablet, PC or via web and your data will always be updated. Share your calendar to schedule meetings and share groups, contacts, tasks or conference rooms.

One of the main advantages of this service is that you can hire only the Exchange accounts that you need, it is not necessary to hire it for all the domain accounts, which allows you to reduce costs.

Enjoy a complete working tool with Mail Exchange.

Hard drive

Our hosting plans have sufficient storage capacity, both for web files, databases and emails that are stored in webmail. Choose the hosting plan according to your needs. If you exceed the space allowed for the panel you will be charged € 0.05 / month for each additional MB. You can check the space occupied in the statistics of the panel of your hosting.

Unlimited monthly traffic

Monthly traffic is measured by the amount of data that is downloaded or uploaded through your web hosting plan, email or ftp.
When you receive visits to your website, our server sends the content to the visitor's browser. The size of these files is the traffic consumed in that visit. Another example is the emails sent to your accounts and you download with your email client. The size of the information of your received emails is also added to the traffic consumed. The same goes for files uploaded or downloaded via ftp to your hosting plan.
If you exceed the monthly traffic allowed for the control panel you will be charged € 5 / month for each GB consumed
You can check the monthly traffic made in the statistics of your panel.

DNS service

The DNS service (domain name Server) serves to link your domain with the servers where your Internet services are hosted (web, mail, subdomains, ftp ...).
This service is configurable in real time through its extranet. Remember that any modification to the DNS service implies a 24-hour propagation time on all the DNS servers in the world.

POP3/IMAP accounts

Each control panel includes email accounts associated with your domain. You can configure your email account on your computer or consult it from anywhere, thanks to the Webmail tool.

Auto response

Functionality that will allow you to create a warning message that will be sent, automatically, to the sender of the message if you are not available. The most common case is to activate it when you are on vacation.


Web service that will allow you to check your email from any device connected to the Internet, simply by accessing a web address, with your email passwords.


€10.00 / month

each account

Price with annual contract and payment. Precios sin IVA.


15 testing days

100% money back guarantee if you are not satisfied.