Cyber Threat Intelligence Platform

Guardian removes the barriers and complexity of cybersecurity.

Protection against cyber attacks

The cyber attacks can cost a company more than $350,000.

As a company's business grows, so does its infrastructure and digital footprint, increasing the variety of methods by which it can be compromised, tampered with, or scammed.

Guardian Cybersecurity is a tool that aims to manage the PDCA cycle to offer a comprehensive cyberthreat protection service.

We take care of your safety.

You focus on your business.

The Guardian Cybersecurity intelligence platform for combating cyber threats removes the barriers and complexity of cybersecurity. Quickly discover, assess and prevent digital risks to your business, your brand and your customers.

Improve compliance and risk management

Thanks to Guardian Cybersecurity's strategic threat intelligence, you will have an overview of the digital risk of your company's assets and see what the current threat situation is.

Generate operational efficiency

Plan the most appropriate defense strategy using Guardian's tactical threat intelligence, which analyzes attacker behavior and provides recommendations on countermeasures.

Avoid attacks that cause large losses

Use Guardian Cybersecurity's technical anti-threat intelligence to track high-risk threats and initiate internal and external protection measures or counter-attacks such as takedowns.

Three solutions. A plataform.

The Guardian Cybersecurity platform consists of a powerful real-time data collection engine, a sophisticated threat analyzer and advanced repair methodologies.

You can access a Digital Asset Protection Service (Radar), External Attack Surface Management (Tracker) and Social Media Monitoring all in one place.


Radar (DRPS)

Radar monitors all online data that includes your brand (including keywords, name variations, and SSL certificates) to identify threats from malicious elements.

Radar Identifies the risks of your digital assets or infrastructures, detects the weak points of your portfolio and provides you with the best solutions to any threat


Scanner (EASM)

The scanner helps you deal with threats the moment they are activated.

Constantly monitor malicious domains or IPs, uncover domain or certificate vulnerabilities before they become a problem, and perform real-time threat analysis on security risks.


RRSS supervision

Avoid phishing schemes, scam attempts, or impersonation of your brand's social media accounts. You can track any abuse against the brand, and carry out an immediate takedown.

Guardian Cybersecurity examines profiles, content, activity, and mentions. With filtering software that feeds back to ensure you can accurately identify malicious impersonations of your brand.

How does Guardian Cybersecurity work?

You decide which asset you want to protect, and we identify the keywords/search parameters to monitor.

We collect all relevant data from restricted, premium, and public data sources, augment it with behavioral patterns, and analyze the information for its level of risk.

You'll be able to analyze where an asset is at risk, initiate suggested countermeasures (or your own), or work with our security experts directly.

In less than an hour we can activate Guardian while our team remains at your beck and call to refine your keyword research and ensure you always get relevant data and insights.

Guardian Cybersecurity continuously explores dozens of data sources such as registries, open data archives, social networks and a selection of partner networks. Examine...

  • Wld cards
    When prefixes and suffixes are attached to their keywords in an attempt to initiate a combosquatting type attack.
  • Similarity
    Variations of your keywords that look or sound similar in an attempt to initiate an attack of homogeneity, homography.
  • Misspellings
    Deliberate errors (eg typos) in keywords in an attempt to initiate a typosquatting attack.

Guardian Cybersecurity can help you…

  • Enhance your security information and event management (SIEM) platform.
  • Obtain data on possible digital threats, such as squatting and phishing.
  • Monitor your digital assets to make sure all certificates are secure and renewed on time.
  • Guarantee that your company and your brand are not supplanted.
  • Consult the measures to take against cybersecurity threats.
  • End digital security vulnerabilities in real time.

Protect yourself from digital threats

Guardian Cybersecurity detects, removes, and prevents threats like phishing, scam, and account takeover attacks. You now have the tools to react in real time and implement counter-strategies.

Proteja su marca

Protect your brand

Detect similar domains, unauthorized use of logos and deceptive email campaigns. Guardian Cybersecurity provides your legal and/or marketing team with a threat report to help them assess the risk level of brand attacks.

Proteja su dominio<

Protect your domain

Your domain is your most valuable digital asset. Use Cybersecurity Guardian to identify risky domain combinations to detect and control any domain spoofing.

Proteja su infraestructura digital

Protect your digital infrastructure

Receive automatic alerts when your domain needs to be renewed, and monitor changes to certificates and website settings. Your IT team will receive alerts about any existing vulnerabilities.

Why is Cybersecurity Guardian so powerful?

Plataforma de extremo a extremo (end-to-end)

End-to-end platform

Your company can communicate and collaborate in real time through Guardian Cybersecurity, helping you streamline workflows between different departments. You can assign threats, manage them in an integrated workflow, and escalate issues to our specialists.

You can also complement existing security systems by integrating with the Guardian Cybersecurity API, webhook, or custom integration.

Información práctica

Practical information

Guardian Cybersecurity not only shows you the problem, but provides you with the solution.

When a threat is detected, Guardian Cybersecurity can integrate with your firewall to block malicious sites, initiate a "soft" takedown or initiate a "hard" legal takedown. What the platform does depends on your predefined digital defense strategy.

La información adecuada en el momento preciso

The right information at the right time

Guardian Cybersecurity automatically collects all the necessary data, analyzes it for you, and then provides you with the appropriate countermeasure based on the threat.

Your team receives alerts when it's relevant and appropriate in the communication channel of your choice (either through email reports, the Guardian Cybersecurity platform or our API).

Datos exhaustivos

Comprehensive data

Guardian Cybersecurity uses multiple data sources (including DNS records, SSL certificates, WHOIS data, and threat advisories) to help you understand all potential threats from a detected attack.

We track over 1,200 domain extensions, detecting over 450,000,000 active domains and 150,000 new domains daily, and process 10,000,000 certificates per day.

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Why do companies join Guardian Cybersecurity?

Subject matter experts

Guardian Cybersecurity has more than 20 years of experience in the sector, which allows it to effectively protect the availability, confidentiality and integrity of your digital assets.

Global mindset, local focus

Our team is multinational and multilingual. We speak your language and have local experts ready to respond immediately to your calls.

Reliable and secure

All conversations you have on the Guardian Cybersecurity platform, and with our team, are completely secure and confidential.


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