Total security for your email in an instant.

Tired of receiving spam, viruses and phishing through your email?

The most complete solution with our Antispam service: Total security for your email in an instant. You do not have to have the mail server with us.

Try it for free for a month and without any commitment. If at the end of the test month you are not satisfied, the service will be deactivated.

95% of users who have tried it do not want to have problems again.


Protection against threats transmitted by email

The AntiSpam service provides comprehensive protection against the most recent threats coming from emails that can disable your network if it lacks protection. With the system used by our platform based mainly on Barracuda equipment, it optimizes the performance of your email server and, at the same time, uses the following protections:

Antispam protections


Protection against spam

The algorithms and methods used are the most advanced and complete in the industry in terms of detection and filtering of spam and, therefore, a lower rate of false detections is obtained.


Antivirus protection

The use of three-layer virus blocking (virus blocking, file decompression and file type locking), the included antivirus engine offers complete protection against viruses.


Protection against brand deception

This technology avoids the use of forged or "deceptive" sender addresses in unsolicited emails. The trademark deception feature also allows larger organizations to specify a list of IP addresses that are authorized to have a "From" address that appears from within the organization to support multiple sites and email servers.


Protection against "Phishing" (electronic scams).

Maximum protection against phishing schemes that are frequently used to obtain confidential information about an organization or about individual users.


Protection against spyware.

(Attachments) - all attachments are scanned and spyware executable files are detected and removed immediately.


Protection against denial of service attacks.

Rate controls are used to stop denial-of-service attacks and spam attacks based on dictionaries. These rate control systems are automatic and integrated into our systems.


Accounts numberRegisterAnnual fee per account
Up to 5 e-mail accounts
€24.00 / year
From 6 to 20 e-mail accounts
€22.80 / year
From 21 to 50 e-mail accounts
€20.40 / year
From 51 to 100 e-mail accounts
€18.00 / year
From 101 to 300 e-mail accounts
€17.00 / year
From 301 to 500 e-mail accounts
€15.60 / year
From 501 to 1000 e-mail accounts
€14.40 / year
More than 1001 e-mail accounts
€13.20 / year