Office 365

Work as a team improving the productivity of your business and the security of your data

Work in the cloud with Office 365

What is Office 365?

It is a comprehensive service of applications in the cloud, always updated, that increase productivity and teamwork:

  • Email with own domain and protection against external threats.
  • Editing and sharing all types of documents in real time remotely: Documents, spreadsheets, presentations, ...
  • Internal and external communication applications: chats, HD videoconferences, corporate social network, task manager ...
  • Common storage space in the cloud for your company.Collaborative applications to take notes, establish the phases of different projects ...

All this with maximum security, 99.99% service availability and access from anywhere and device.

Office 365


  • Word, Excel, Power Point ... Work with the tools you already know.
  • Access your files from any device with an Internet connection.
  • Work online or in the Office package installed on your computers.
Office 365

Professional email

  • Contacts, inbox and calendars. All synchronized and accessible from any device.
  • TLS encryption, anti-spam filter and continuous updates in security.
  • Use Outlook to manage your email and schedule meetings quickly with shared calendars.
Office 365

Communicate from anywhere

  • Use Skype for Business video calls or instant messaging to save time and travel costs.
  • You can create online meetings with participants, internal or external to your organization. Share presentations, polls ...
  • With your corporate social network, you can connect workers and customers to whom you can access.
Office 365

Increase teamwork and productivity

  • Specify the project phases and assign the tasks to the members of your team.
  • Communicate, take notes, share files and edit in real time with your colleagues.
  • Follow the tasks and detect bottlenecks in your projects.
Office 365

Save everything in the cloud

  • With OneDrive you can save the most important information in the cloud, edit it or share it with whoever you want.
  • With the Delve search engine you will be able to find the files you are looking for, own or shared, very easily.
  • With the application "synchronization client" you can have the latest version on your usual work computer with and without Internet.

In addition, new applications are regularly included in the Office 365 Portal without having to pay more!

  • Presentations on Sway with its dynamic templates.
  • Forms and surveys with Forms with real-time monitoring of the results.
Office 365