Web design

Effective solutions to take advantage of your Internet business.

Web design and custom applications

We offer effective solutions to take advantage of your business on the Internet covering all the available options: Managed Webs, Corporate Webs, Virtual Stores, Information Portals and Blogs, Catalogs, Galleries or applications and internal management tools of the company, etc.

Desarrollo de aplicaciones WEB

Administrative Web

If you want to update the contents of your website periodically, the fastest and cheapest way is through an administrable website. We take care of installing and configuring the content manager that best suits your web project (wordpress, joomla, ezpublish, etc.) and we offer technical support so that you learn to manage the main functions of your self-managing web. You can manage your website from anywhere in the world and at any time, thanks to the open-source solutions of CMS systems, which allows you to modify or add new pages, sections, texts, or images in a fast and efficient way. All this is done through a Control Panel that is accessed by entering a username and password