Web design

Effective solutions to take advantage of your Internet business.

Web design and custom applications

We offer effective solutions to take advantage of your business on the Internet covering all the available options: Managed Webs, Corporate Webs, Virtual Stores, Information Portals and Blogs, Catalogs, Galleries or applications and internal management tools of the company, etc.

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Administrative Web

If you want to update the contents of your website periodically, the fastest and cheapest way is through an administrable website. We take care of installing and configuring the content manager that best suits your web project (wordpress, joomla, ezpublish, etc.) and we offer technical support so that you learn to manage the main functions of your self-managing web. You can manage your website from anywhere in the world and at any time, thanks to the open-source solutions of CMS systems, which allows you to modify or add new pages, sections, texts, or images in a fast and efficient way. All this is done through a Control Panel that is accessed by entering a username and password

Desarrollo de aplicaciones WEB

Corporate web

A simple and agile corporate website is the right option for those companies that want to take their first steps through the network.

Get the best Internet presence for your company. This will be the best contact and loyalty for your customers. We develop corporate websites, always by means of a previous study of the necessary technical needs for your company and the design trends according to your target audience.

Desarrollo de aplicaciones WEB

On-line shop

It will have a complete, private, unique and exclusive management panel, from which you will have absolute control over your electronic commerce. In addition to installing and configuring your online store, we take care of adding categories and example items, so you can use them as a guide to incorporate all the items in your store. You can also add offers or promotions and you can manage orders from the payment (with the configuration of payment gateways, virtual POS or paypal) until the delivery of the order with its corresponding shipping costs.

Desarrollo de aplicaciones WEB

Web portal

We design web portals of great quality and visual impact, accessible to any user. Some of the options that include these portals are: unlimited content manager, news and news systems, content search engines, image or video galleries, documentation, activities and events, calendars, blogs and forums, social network integration, books visits, languages, chat and comment system and much more.

Desarrollo de aplicaciones WEB


A blog offers the possibility of publishing news and information easily and quickly. Whether you want to add a blog to an existing website, or if you want to use it as a support for your entire website, we take care of the entire installation and configuration process.

Desarrollo de aplicaciones WEB


We offer virtual catalogs to show the products of your company in the best possible way and with the highest quality. This type of pages are aimed at those companies with a wide range of products and services, distributors or manufacturers that require permanently updated data. You can update the products or services from a private part of the web easily and simply.

In addition, the design of your website may include the following services:

Custom programming

We transform in reality the ideas you have in mind for your website. You tell us the vision you have in mind for your web project and we will advise you on custom programming to carry it out.

We develop corporate applications that allow our clients to optimize the resources of their company and we have experienced programmers that can adapt to their specific needs.


Our web pages have a level of accessibility double A. Which means that they satisfy all check points of priority 2 (double A) and that the contents of our web pages are modified to satisfy this check point ("AA"), otherwise, users would find some difficulty in accessing information. Applying this checkpoint greatly improves the accessibility of the website.


Usability is a fundamental feature for your customers to visit, take advantage of and return to your site, increasing the success of your Internet strategy. A website with usability is one that shows its contents in a clear and simple way to understand by the user. It is about showing things as clearly as possible, so that it minimizes any aspect that may be confusing.

The usability helps that this task was carried out in a simple way analyzing the human behavior, and the necessary steps to execute the task in an effective way.

Web design optimized for mobile

More and more users are replacing their fixed connection with a mobile phone and that is why 20% of Internet connections are made through a smartphone. We offer you specific web contents and structures, designed for this type of connection.

Integration of social networks

Social networks have become a new form of marketing that allows interaction between companies and customers. We offer different integration options from direct access buttons to your accounts to specific modules to show your comments or Twitter or Facebook posts on your website.

Update and re-design

If you want to update your website, we advise you on the different possible options, both to update the design of your website and to extend it by incorporating new services or sections to make the most of your website and make it a more dynamic and interactive site.


We carry out the necessary maintenance and updates on your website.


Improve the positioning of your website in the different search engines so that they find you more easily. One of the options is natural positioning, which is based on finding the most profitable keywords that not only increase the traffic of the page, but also increase your sales. The next step is to get inbound links to the web with the selected keywords, in order to achieve better positioning. These links must be achieved in a natural and progressive way to avoid penalties.

Another option is Adwords pay per click campaigns. Unlike natural positioning, ads have a cost that must be paid to the search engine, but have the advantage of achieving a prominent position immediately. In Entorno Digital we study your page in a personalized way to select the type of campaign that can offer you the best results.

Increase visits to your website, increase traffic, anticipate your competition and get relevant visits.