Advanced security

We put at your disposal a system that allows you to increase the security of your panel, according to your needs.

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Security on your extranet

In Entorno Digital we know the importance of the security of your domains and hosting services for you. For this reason we put at your disposal a system that allows you to increase the security of your panel, according to your needs. From the security section you can design your own security policy.

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Blocking access to the account

One of the commonly used ways to enter a system is to launch massive access requests, sending users and random keys until the correct one is found. If you try to enter the system more than five times in a row with a bad access code, the account is blocked for security reasons. To unblock it you will have to contact Entorno Digital, and be accredited in order to be able to reactivate access to your account.
This service is included by default in your user.

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Security by connection IP

This measure is very practical and safe if you have fixed IP connection. You can enable up to three IP's. You can only access your user account through computers that have these connection IP's.

You can enable this service for free from the security section.

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Coordinate card, maximum security for your domains

By contracting this service we send you an individual coordinate card by postal mail, which must be activated from the user account. From the control panel it will be possible to decide in which functions the coordinate card has to be used: modify data or DNS servers, modify DNS settings, get the auth info of a domain ....

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Private whois, protect your personal data

ICANN (the highest international entity that manages the allocation of domain names) requires that the registration data of an Internet domain be published in a public database, accessible through the WHOIS, and that they be real, so that the owner is always locatable for administrative and legal purposes. Otherwise, you can lose your domain.

However, many companies use this public information (your name, email, telephone, address ...) to send unsolicited advertising: spam, telemarketing, identity theft ...

The Private Digital Whois service of Entorno Digital will allow you to protect your personal data that appear in the WHOIS and to continue complying with ICANN regulations. In addition, you will still be accessible, because if for any reason someone has to communicate a notification as the owner of the domain, the email account that will appear in the whois will be redirected to the owner's email.

Keep in mind that even if you have the private Whois service you are still the legal responsible for your domain. The Protection of Whois guarantees the privacy of data against fraudulent use by third parties, but does not exempt from complying with current legal regulations.

This service can be used with the following domain extensions: .com, .net, .info, .biz, .org, .cc, .tv, .cat, .mobi, .tel, .mx and cm.