EMail Business

The perfect email solution for professionals

Environment MailBusiness is the perfect email solution for professionals, freelancers and companies. You have e-mail accounts with your own domain, to synchronize and access your email from any desktop PC, laptop, mobile phone, tablet, etc ... In addition to managing and sharing calendars, contacts and tasks. All synchronized and with access via webmail.

The office in your hands

You have all your emails, contacts and diaries on your mobile phone, laptop, desktop, tablet, ...

Access through webmail from any terminal with which you have an Internet connection.

Synchronization with Iphone, Android Smartphones, Blackberry and tablets

Connector for Active Sync protocol (iOS, Android, Windows Mobile and BlackBerry OS)

Comunicación total entre tus equipos de trabajo

Management of private and shared resources (calendars, address books, task lists and notepad)

Import and export data from other group work applications

Address book searches, meeting planning, due dates of tasks in the calendar

EMail Business

Agenda options:

  • Advanced and simple search forms
  • Alarms with email notifications
  • Meeting planning and integration with other calendar applications
  • Subscription of remote calendars
  • Integration in external clients such as Apple iCal, Mozilla Sunbird, Microsoft Outlook
EMail Business

Contacts options:

  • Distribution lists / email groups, also through the address books
  • Advanced and simple search forms
  • VCard compatible
  • Integration of existing address books