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The Ultimate Defense for Trade Names and Recognized Persons on the Internet

GlobalBlock is an exclusive service offered by the Brand Safety Alliance, in which Entorno Digital acts as an accredited registrar. This service is fundamental for the protection of brands on the Internet and its objective is to block your brand name or company name in more than 550 domain extensions managed by different registries, including generic, territorial and new extensions.

GlobalBlock is designed to provide additional protection to existing DMPL and AdultBlock holders, allowing them to extend their security across hundreds of domain extensions. This service is available for:

  • Trademark holders.
  • Trade names.
  • Names of recognized persons.
What can you protect?

With GlobalBlock, you have the ability to block any name without having to be registered with the Trademark Clearinghouse (TMCH). This means that you can protect not only trademarks, but also trade names, product names and even your own name if you are a well-known person, such as an actor or footballer.

What advantages do you get?

With GlobalBlock and GlobalBlock+, you get comprehensive protection for your name in over 550 domain extensions. This allows you to prevent malicious use of your name in a single step, all at a low investment and in an efficient manner.


GlobalBlock: Fundamental Protection

The GlobalBlock service is a brand protection solution offered by the Brand Safety Alliance, which allows trademark holders to lock their name in over 550 domain extensions worldwide their name on more than 550 domain extensions worldwide. With GlobalBlock, third parties are prevented from registering your brand name, ensuring a solid defense of your identity in the digital space and providing peace of mind against the possibility of unauthorized or malicious uses of your brand.

GlobalBlock: Fundamental Protection

GlobalBlock+: Extended protection

This premium version automates the capture of domains that match your brand, avoiding previous registrations by third parties with its Priority Autocatch feature, and keeps you alert to suspicious registrations with Fraud Alert, allowing you to act quickly against potential spoofing or phishing. In addition, with the Bulk Upload feature, you can manage the protection of multiple brands efficiently and simultaneously, providing a comprehensive defense that includes blocking variations and premium domains, protecting you from a broader spectrum of threats and common errors.

Both levels provide fundamental protection against unauthorized registration of your brand name in an extensive network of over 550 gTLDs and ccTLDs, covering both current and future domain names, and extending to premium domains.

With GlobalBlock, you establish a solid defense for your brand, ensuring effective blocking across a broad spectrum of domains. Meanwhile, GlobalBlock+ goes further, offering additional coverage for name variants and typos, as well as the innovative Priority Autocatch feature, which proactively prevents domain capture by third parties upon expiration, thus reinforcing your digital security without the need to manage each variant individually.

FeaturesGlobalBlockGlobalBlock +
Blocking on over 550 extensions

Covers premium domains

Priority Autocatch of domains

Unlock domains for use

Primary brand names



Blocking of homographs

GlobalBlock and GlobalBlock+ represent the leading edge of brand protection in the digital age, offering scalable and customized solutions for every online security need. From basic coverage to advanced protection, these services are designed to provide peace of mind and control over your brand's online presence. With the backing of the Brand Safety Alliance and the commitment of leading registration authorities, GlobalBlock ensures that your brand remains uniquely yours in the vast digital space, while GlobalBlock+ offers that extra layer of security that anticipates and neutralizes threats before they can materialize. Opting for GlobalBlock is more than a choice; it is a strategic investment in the integrity and future of your brand.

Frequently Asked Questions about GlobalBlock

  • What is GlobaBlock?

    GlobalBlock is a domain blocking service that prevents unauthorized registration of your brand name in over 550 extensions. It offers instant coverage by blocking your desired name in hundreds of extensions, gTLDs and ccTLDs. In addition, both company and celebrity names are included.

    GlobalBlock+ adds an additional layer of security by protecting against type variants and IDN homographs.

  • Who can apply?
    • Trademark holders in the Trademark Clearinghouse (TMCH).A registered trademark active at the national or regional level.
    • Unregistered Trademark: A mark created by a company or individual to distinguish a product or service.
    • Registered Company Names and Trade Names.
    • Celebrities, sports stars and personalities, political figures, actors, social media celebrities and public figures.
  • Benefits of using GlobalBlock:
    • Global Coverage: From gTLDs to new gTLDs and ccTLDs, we have more than 600 extensions worldwide. Lock your name and ensure protection on the Internet.
    • Direct Protection: real-time blocking in one step. Verify through Whois search and block domains that were once too costly or complicated to register.
    • Cost Reduction: Cheaper than individual registration. No more legal battles or third-party purchases; we've got you covered.
    • AutoCapture with Priority: We're always on the lookout for speculators. If they fail, we capture it for you, at no additional charge.
    • Domain Unlocking: Need a domain for a campaign? We'll unlock the specific domain so you can use it.

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