Generics and new Domains

The most used domains on the Internet

The generic domains or gTLDs (Generic top level domains) are the most used on the Internet. The most common generic domains are:

The most common generic domains are:


Business oriented


Oriented to Internet networks and services




Informative portals

Given the large number of registered generic domains and sometimes due to the shortage of finding terms that were not registered appear since 2013 new generic domains that are expanding the possibilities of business on the Internet.

They are mostly short, generic and attractive extensions that can fit perfectly with your brand or company.

Examples of these extensions are: .shop, .tienda, .lat, .web, .online, .bank, .ski, ... .or .paris, .madrid, cat, .eus, .barcelona, .club ...

Digital environment is Registrar Agent accredited by ICANN which allows us to register any of these extensions without the need of intermediaries.