DNS Premium Anycast

Increase the performance of your website before your traffic reaches your server.

The nearest server is never far away!

Use our high-availability, low-latency DNS service with advanced traffic routing features. Our DNS Premium Anycast runs on a highly reliable Anycast DNS network.

When a customer's browser looks up the IP address of your website, our Anycast DNS network optimizes DNS resolution speed through a ring of always-on, easily accessible nameservers around the world.

2 x DNS provider

50 x PoPs

Unlimited traffic

100% Anycast

DNSSEC support

SLA: 99,999%

Why should I upgrade to Premium Anycast DNS?

  • Client requests are routed to the nearest server over our lightning-fast global network. It is also possible to alternate the load between servers.
  • Your DNS records will be automatically synced across our network of nameservers. And with no single point of failure, the likelihood of downtime is significantly reduced.
  • The infrastructure is housed in secure and redundant data centers distributed around the world. This reduces the possibility of DDoS attacks.

Anycast DNS Plus offers maximum security by supporting DNSSEC, protecting you against attacks and mitigating risk with infrastructures hosted in secure and redundant data centers distributed around the world.

DNS Premium Anycast

Availability and resiliency: The DNS service is scalable because it is based on a distributed edge computing infrastructure and a cloud environment. The entire platform is mirrored across multiple regions. Automatic fault detection and monitoring are combined with a failover mechanism that ensures recovery within seconds. Premium Environment DNS is built from two discrete Anycast providers, ensuring that even if one falls victim to a problem, the second network is more than capable of taking the load.

DNS architecture - dual: The dual server resolves queries locally if the domain name extension of the query is local, otherwise it forwards to the above forwarding DNS servers.

Other standard services: APEX CNAME, web forwarding, mail forwarding, AXFR

Premium Anycast DNS gives you protection against...

DNS Premium Anycast

DDoS Denial of Service

Protect your website against request overload attacks

DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) or what would be translated in Spanish as: distributed denial of service attack. What it does is use a group of zombie computers or dedicated computers to attack a single system or target to overload it and force it to shut down without other users, the real user of this website or this entity being able to access the file. In general, these are personal computers infected with viruses for this purpose: controlled from the same point and using its resources to carry out DDoS attacks.