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The essential mechanism to protect your domain

We offer you every available mechanism we can to protect your domain.

Alerta dominios

What does our platform?

Domain's name, nowadays has the same importance as the name of his brand.

It is an important part of the company, and for that reason it is vital that firms protect their brands and as a result, their domain's names. One of the biggest problems nowadays are cybersquatter with usage purposes of brand replacement, forgery and phishing. Or just the simple fact of bad practices of the competition.

Our platform is constantly monitoring new domains that go active on the Internet from any register and anywhere around the world

Alerta dominios


Entorno Digital offers a 24/7 monitoring service that will inform you in a simple and fast way of the activated domain names identical to your Brand. When we detect that a domain identical to yours has been activated but with another extension the system indicates the alert.

This allows you to establish a professional strategy for the protection of your domains. =

Alerta dominios


When hiring the service we will inform you of all the domains activated with your Brand. During the first 24 hours after activating the "Domains Alert" service, you will receive an initial email with all active domains found that match your Brand name.

Then the continuous search will continue 24/7 and once a new domain identical to yours has been detected with another extension we will notify you daily.

Alerta dominios


In addition, if you decide to act before a domain name that violates your brand through legal means, we will be by your side to offer you expert support in whatever is necessary:

Domain Recovery

If you need help to take any action we are at your disposal.

Alerta dominios

What extensions do we monitor?

We monitor in more than 1000 extensions:​

​Generic extensions: .com, .net, .org, …​

Of all countries (ccTLD) : .es, .fr, .pt, .cn, …​

New extensions: .tienda, .madrid, .barcelona, .porn, …

IDN’s extensions included: .МОСКВА, .ОНЛАЙН, .政府, .新加.

See list of monitored TLDs