Brand surveillance and protection

Anti-piracy and listening services Online

Our brand surveillance services in Internet content allow:

Vigilancia y protección de Marca

Anti-piracy services

Our solution is intended to help brand owners who have been cybersquatted on the Internet. Initially offering by our experts what is the current situation of the Brand we will advise on the strategies to obtain the best results so that our platform follows Anti-piracy is responsible for deleting all ads or fraudulent websites.

A simple process Once we have the marks that will be used as the basis for the eliminations, our team will take care of the whole process and will make sure that the infractions disappear. Only in three simple steps: Find, Analyze, Delete.

The objective is to offer an efficient, fast and flexible solution that addresses infractions immediately, before the problem has the opportunity to grow.

The priority is to achieve results in a rapid manner so that at the same time a surveillance strategy can be built that permanently eliminates offenders.

In addition, through our online platform you can obtain in real time:

  • Current status of the listings found
  • Infractions that are being eliminated
  • Infractions already eliminated

Vigilancia y protección de Marca

Listen Online (Guardian)

Nuestro servicio de vigilancia de marcas en Internet permite hacer un seguimiento de la marca en contenidos webs, redes sociales, videos, logos, APPs, periódicos online, buscadores (Google, Yahoo, Bing...)

The service collects all the mentions that include the brand, which are filtered by a sophisticated system that allows ordering those that are valid, to be able to make reputation analysis, geolocation, statistics, fraud ...

It allows obtaining reports periodically to assess the results and detect possible fraudulent uses, reputation, main influencers and incidents on the brand.

Brand monitoring on all Twitter users to find those who use the brand on their behalf. This allows detecting possible fraud and identity theft.

All these users are stored on the platform to be able to consult them at any time.