TM Clearinghouse

The only official trademark protection mechanism, essential to register a domain in the Sunrise period of a new gTLD.

Protect your brand on the Internet

The Trademark Clearinghouse (TMCH) is the only official trademark protection mechanism, essential for any registered trademark that wants to register a domain in the Sunrise period of a new gTLD.

By registering your brand in the TMCH, you can request the corresponding domain, during the Sunrise phases of the new gTLDs, without having to pass a validation process for each new extension. To opt to register domains in Sunrise you have to demonstrate use of said brand (examples of labels, packaging, marketing campaigns ...)

In addition, when a third party registers a domain that matches your trademark registered in the Trademark Clearinghouse, they will notify you

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Servicios incluidos

The Sunrise is a period of registration that is offered for a limited time to trademark holders, in order to obtain the domain that matches your brand, before opening to the general public. The Sunrise period is mandatory for all gTLDs and having the trademark registered and validated in the Trademark Clearinghouse TMCH, is the essential requirement to register a domain in Sunrise.

The TMCH alert system is a notification service to inform trademark owners about possible infractions. In practice, an applicant for a domain will see a warning warning him that he is trying to register a domain that matches a registered trademark in TMCH. If in spite of the notice, the applicant continues with the registration, a notification is sent to the owner of the mark, so that it takes the measures that it believes necessary to protect its intellectual property rights.

Services included in the rate

- Registration of brand data

- Verification of the brand

- Sunrise Services

- Notice of registration of a domain identical to your brand, by a third party, while you have registered in the Trademark Clearinghouse.

Optional service

Our Trademark Clearinghouse expands coverage with respect to the Trademark Clearinghouse:

- Warn when registering a domain that is the same or that contain your brand.

- Operational for .com, .net, .es, and new gTLDs domains.