Domains .bg

BG is the contry code ccTLD domain of Bulgary. In a simple way a BG domain name serves to identify you with a name, product, brand, ... in the Internet through a web page or other services such as email. For example, if someone wants to see your web page that is under your BG domain name, they will write in a browser www.yourdomainname.bg



Requirements .bg

- Domain register avaliable for every person, organization or Business who wants to register a .bg domain from Bulgaria.

- The domain holder must be domiciled in the E.U.

- You have to sign a registration document. This document must be signed by the person who appears as representative of the company, which must also appear in the documents of the company (Property deeds, powers of representation...)


Additional services

- With the purchase of your .bg domain you can select our DNS servers for the activation of your ".bg" domain.

- Entorno puts at your disposal with .bg domain registration a wide range of services of hosting, virtual servers and SSL certificates.

- If you are interested in recovering or monitoring a domain .bg you can check our corporate services section.

- When buying web domain with the .bg extension we can help you in your online presence project with opensource applications such as Wordpress, Drupal, etc. or custom projects hosted on your .bg web domain



Registering a ccTLD domain .bg from Bulgaria only has one requirement: The owner must be reside in E.U.
Allowed characters:
- Minimum: 3
- Maximum: 63
- Letters and numbers.
- Hyphens ("-"), Hyphens are not allowed before or after the domain name.
The registration is done for a year.


How to renew

To renew a ccTLD domain .bg from Bulgaria the domain must be on the renewal period and it can be renewed for one year.
The renewal period starts 40 days before the expiration date and the domain can be renewed next 30 days. After these 30 days please contact us if you are still interested in renewing the domain. Restore is not available.


How to transfer

To transfer a ccTLD domain .bg it is necessary:
- The domain’s login, which must be provided by the actual registry.
- The domain must have been registered/active for at least 30 days.
- The domain must be un-locked for transfer by the actual registry. If so, the client must contact the current registrar to un-lock the domain for transfer.
When a domain .bg is transferred is not renewed. The transfer usually completes within 5 and 10 days.
We suggest you transfer your domain name enough days before expiration in order to avoid your transfer being denied.


Owner change

Contact with Entorno Digital in order to do a holder change for a domain .bg


Contacts and DNS update

You can modify your contacts and DNS servers of your .bg domains through you control panel on our website, on the field “REGISTERED USER” on our website.
The changes are done at a real time and have cost.


Capital: Sofía

Language: Bulgarian

Population: 7.057.504 hab.

Domain on internet: .bg

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