Trademark Surveillance

Know and control the domains that contain your brand or if they are supplanted on the Internet.

Live search engine

With our Live search engine you can make unlimited queries of domains that contain the brand or keyword that interests you, in tens of millions of registrations .com, .net, .es and

Unlimited consultations on:

Free and registered domains that include your brands in .com, .net, .es and

Domains .es or that were registered since 2007.

.Com or .net domains that are pending erasure in the next 5 days.

The system allows you to see which registered domains contain your brands, who has them and what use they make of them. Therefore you can assess your performance on possible new domain registrations, if any of the domains that contain your brand interests you or take legal action for possible fraudulent use by third parties.

To use the Live search engine you only have to register as a user, the service is free.

Brand surveillance

With the trademark surveillance service you can create alerts for brands or words you want to monitor and know if someone registers a domain that is the same or that contains your brand. You will receive an alert by email that will notify you every time that happens.

You can discover if someone registers domains that contain your brand, avoiding that illicit actions are carried out by third parties (fraudulent uses of the brand or cybersquatting).

You can also find out if there are domains that your brand contains and they will be removed in the next few days (.com and .net).

This service is operative for .com, .net, .es, and new gTLDs domains.

Whois Alert

With this service you will be able to monitor a specific domain, to know when it changes its status, modify your contacts, administrative, technical, billing or DNS servers. Every time there is a change in the domain you receive a notification email. This allows you to find out if a domain that interests you is modified or is going to be unsubscribed.

The service is available in any generic or territorial domain extension.

Service available for any generic or territorial domain