Domains .hiv

HIV is a generic domain used to identify you with a name, product, brand, etc. on the Internet, through a web page or other services such as email. For example, if someone wants to see your web page that is under your domain HIV, they will write in a browser www.yourdomainname.hiv

no requeriments for registration

Objectives of .HIV domains

The .HIV domain will be the Red Ribbon of the digital age. Support the fight against HIV/AIDS, Raise awareness and fight the stigma.

Besides your normal web address, your homepage can now have the additional ending .hiv. The content on your website will stay the same, but through the .hiv domain, you will get the opportunity to raise awareness for the topic HIV, show solidarity and take part in the financial effort to fight Aids. Because the biggest part of your registration fee will go to the fight against HIV/AIDS.

.HIV reinforces the visibility of your Corporate Social Responsibility

If your Company is already committed to the fight against Aids, a .HIV domain offers a great platform to communicate your CSR-activities to a large and interested target group. A .HIV domain will make it easy for you to show your commitment in an up-to-date way and to creatively complement it in many other ways.

.HIV combines CSR and Online Marketing

A .HIV website is not only an opportunity to show your social involvement, but it will also make it easy to catch the attention of a young, committed and educated target group. DotHIV gemeinnütziger e.V. will honor every click of a .HIV website because every visit triggers a micro-donation to a charitable HIV program. Through this, every visit of your website will do something good – and bring a positive brand-experience with it.

Pre-register your .HIV domain name now and contribute to the fight against AIDS: the largest part of every registration fee will go to the cause. Because with the .HIV TLD, the Internet can play an important part in achieving the end of AIDS.

The basic concept in 111 seconds:


Requirements .hiv

18 June 2014

During GA, available .hiv domain names may be registered on a first-come, first-served basis. Prices are included in the GA fees.


Additional services

- With the purchase of your .hiv domain you can select our DNS servers for the activation of your ".hiv" domain.

- Entorno puts at your disposal with .hiv domain registration a wide range of services of hosting, virtual servers and SSL certificates.

- If you are interested in recovering or monitoring a domain .hiv you can check our corporate services section.

- When buying web domain with the .hiv extension we can help you in your online presence project with opensource applications such as Wordpress, Drupal, etc. or custom projects hosted on your .hiv web domain



To register .hiv domains you will have to complete an on-line registry form.
Allowed characters:
- Minimum: 1
- Maximum: 63
- Letters and numbers.
- Hyphens ("-"), Hyphens are not allowed before or after the domain name.
The registration is done for 1 to 10 years.


How to renew

To renew .hiv domains, the domain must be on the renewal period and it can be renewed for 1 to 9 years.
The renewal period starts 30 days before the expiration date.
The .hiv domains also supports early renewal.


How to transfer

To transfer a .hiv domain it is necessary:
- Auth code. This code must be facilitated by the actual registry.
- The domain must be un-locked for transfer. If so, you must contact the current registrar to un-lock the domain.
- More than 60 days of registration.
When a domain .hiv is transferred, it's renewed for another year. The process completes in 5 days maximum.
We suggest you transfer your domain name enough days before expiration in order to avoid your transfer being denied.


Owner change

We can only make a holder trade of .hiv domains if Entorno Digita is a Registrar. Otherwise, the first thing we must do is transfer the domain to Entorno Digital.

In order to make the holder trade it can be done through the domain extranet. You can request it on the field “Holder Change”. Once the request is paid two emails will be sent automatically, one to the actual holder and another to the new one. By accepting both emails the Holder Trade will be done automatically.

The Holder Trade has a price of 50 euros for .hiv domain (price without VAT)


Contacts and DNS update

You can modify your contacts and DNS servers of your .hiv domains through you control panel on our website, on the field “REGISTERED USER” on our website.
The changes are done at a real time and have no cost (Except owner change).