Domains .insurance

INSURANCE is a generic domain used to identify you with a name, product, brand, etc. on the Internet, through a web page or other services such as email. For example, if someone wants to see your web page that is under your domain INSURANCE, they will write in a browser www.yourdomainname.insurance

Who is eligible for a .insurance domain?

Only verified members of the global insurance community are eligible to register domain names. For insurance companies, agents/agencies, brokers/brokerages and other equivalents (e.g., intermediaries, representatives) it includes verification of licensure, approval or certification with the registrant’s government regulatory authority. Please see the .insurance Registrant Eligibility Policy for complete eligibility requirements.

To fully understand the .insurance requirements please visit https://www.register.insurance/policies/

If you have additionals doubts please visit https://www.register.insurance/faq/

What are the Security Requirements in .INSURANCE?

-Mandatory Verification of Charter/Licensure for Regulated Entities ensures that only legitimate members of the global banking community are awarded domain names.

-Mandatory Re-verification of Registration Data is performed annually, or upon changes to registration information (i.e., Registrant Name, Registrant Email, and/or Registrant Organization fields).

-Multi-Factor Authentication to ensure that any change to registration data is made only by authorized users of the registered entity.

-Enhanced Encryption to ensure security of communication over the Internet to prevent eavesdropping, data tampering, etc.

-Prohibition of Proxy/Privacy Registration Services to ensure full disclosure of domain registration information so bad actors cannot hide.

To fully understand the .insurance requirements please visit https://www.register.insurance/policies/

To fully understand the .insurance Security Requirements please visit https://www.register.insurance/security/

If you have additionals doubts please visit https://www.register.insurance/faq/

Policies and Requirements: https://www.ftld.com/policies-...

Registrant domain Agreement of Entorno Digital, S.A.


Requirements .insurance

15 June 2016

.insurance is the place for insurance providers and distributors to enhance and differentiate their online presence in the marketplace. Directed by insurance industry and security experts, .insurance is a trusted, verified and more secure location online. All .insurance domains must meet strict Security Requirements, and only verified members of the global insurance community will be approved.

The verification process is similar to a SSL certificate validation process (verification of the organization, domain name, contact employment and contact authority. fTLD Registry will also verify the physical address and telephone number using fTLD Registry approved databases.) The verification is done to ensure that the domain .insurance is really used by to insurance providers and distributors. .


Additional services

- With the purchase of your .insurance domain you can select our DNS servers for the activation of your ".insurance" domain.

- Entorno puts at your disposal with .insurance domain registration a wide range of services of hosting, virtual servers and SSL certificates.

- If you are interested in recovering or monitoring a domain .insurance you can check our corporate services section.

- When buying web domain with the .insurance extension we can help you in your online presence project with opensource applications such as Wordpress, Drupal, etc. or custom projects hosted on your .insurance web domain



To register .insurance domains you will have to complete an on-line registry form.
Allowed characters:
- Minimum: 1
- Maximum: 63
- Letters and numbers.
- Hyphens ("-"), Hyphens are not allowed before or after the domain name.
The registration is done for 1 to 10 years.


How to renew

To renew .insurance domains, the domain must be on the renewal period and it can be renewed for 1 to 9 years.
The renewal period starts 30 days before the expiration date.
The .insurance domains also supports early renewal.


How to transfer

To transfer a .insurance domain it is necessary:
- Auth code. This code must be facilitated by the actual registry.
- The domain must be un-locked for transfer. If so, you must contact the current registrar to un-lock the domain.
- More than 60 days of registration.
When a domain .insurance is transferred, it's renewed for another year. The process completes in 5 days maximum.
We suggest you transfer your domain name enough days before expiration in order to avoid your transfer being denied.


Owner change

We can only make a holder trade of .insurance domains if Entorno Digita is a Registrar. Otherwise, the first thing we must do is transfer the domain to Entorno Digital.

In order to make the holder trade it can be done through the domain extranet. You can request it on the field “Holder Change”. Once the request is paid two emails will be sent automatically, one to the actual holder and another to the new one. By accepting both emails the Holder Trade will be done automatically.

The Holder Trade has a price of 50 euros for .insurance domain (price without VAT)


Contacts and DNS update

You can modify your contacts and DNS servers of your .insurance domains through you control panel on our website, on the field “REGISTERED USER” on our website.
The changes are done at a real time and have no cost (Except owner change).