.BANK the new domain for the banking community

.BANK the new domain for the banking community

This new domain has been created to enhance trust and security on the Internet sites which provide financial services to their clients.
In order to register a domain .BANK a strict verification process will be requested.

To ensure that the domain .BANK is really used for banking purposes each application must be validated. The verification will be done by Symantec and the process will be similar to a SSL certificate validation process:

- Verification of the organization.
- Verification of contact.
- Verification of telephone number (Symantec will verify the Registrant organization’s telephone number using Symantec approved databases).


Sunrise Phase:May 18 – June 16, 2015
For holders of eligible trademarks validated by the TMCH and verified as financial institutions.

General Availability:June 24, 2015
For financial institutions verified by Symantec.

*We offer a free Pre-register, request your domain and when it is available we will inform you.

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.BANK the new domain for the banking community