.diamonds, .enterprises, .tips, .voyage

This December 17th more new gTLDs are going to open the sunrise phase.

.diamonds: the perfect extensions for jewelry stores and all the businesses involve in this sector.
.enterprises: for businesses, companies, a great domain for you company!
.tips: tips and recommendation on different subjects.
.voyage: everything related to travels, travel ageincies, leisure, routes, holidays.
Sunrise phase is going to be open this December 17 finishing next February 14th 2014. Only Trademarks with a valid TMCH smd can register during sunrise.

Golive will open February 26, where any person or company is able to register any of these new gTLDs. Remember that you can start your pre-registration in our system in order to get more chances to register your desired domain.

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.diamonds, .enterprises, .tips, .voyage