Domain Protection

Domain Protection

We offer all available mechanisms toprotect and block your brands at the domain level. With DPML, Adultblock, TREX, EPS blocking services.

By blocking your brand name so that no one else can register it, you get in one step the block in more than 250 domain extensions.

-Block the use of your brand for phishing with domains type .xyz .email ....

-Lock your brand in extensions .adult .porn .sex and .porn

-Avoid claim procedures, with the time and costs involved, when the extension is blocked against third parties.

-Add the protection in homologous names (variations of the denomination, changing a letter for a number or using characters from other alphabets to deceive the user. While some of the variations are easy to detect, others are confusingly similar.)

Shield and protect your brand on the internet with our blocking services!

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Domain Protection