Entorno Digital First Spanish Accredited Registrar for .ASIA (DotAsia Organisation)

Entorno Digital First Spanish Accredited Registrar for .ASIA  (DotAsia Organisation)

As Authorized Registering Agent by ICANN and in order to improve our added value services, Entorno Digital has obtained the authorization for registering .ASIA by DotAsia Organisation, the organism which assumed the responsability of operating with the domains .ASIA and mantein the data base of these domain name on december 2006. Who is it addressed to and who can request it? The domain .Asia is assigned to the 60% of the global poblation (UIT aprox. 90 languages), who live in the global zone which is undergoing a big increase at a cultural, economic and technological level. The domain .ASIA will be able to be used by individuals, enterprises or organizations which are incide the regions of Pan-Asia and Pacific-Asia (defined by ICANN as regions from Asia/Australia/Pacific) See: You can register a domain .ASIA if one of the contacts of the domain (Holder, administrative contact, tecnic or billing) pertains to one of these previous regions defined by ICANN. At practical effects, if an enterprise which is not from the region but has a venue in one of these countries it will be able to ask for a .ASIA putting in one of the contacts the address of the venue located in that country. How can it be requested? The request of the domain .ASIA will consist of several opening phases. From October 9th 2007 until Landrush period Sunrise 1 (SR1): Reserved for Governmental names From October 9th 2007 until October 30th 2007 Sunrise 2 (SR2): Registered trademarks in the zones of .ASIA Sunrise 2a (SR2a): Early Bird Sunrise. Registered Trademarks before March 16th 2004 From November 13th 2007 until January 15th 2008 Sunrise 2a (SR2b): General Registered Trademarks Registered Trademarks before December 6th 2006 Sunrise 2a (SR2c): Extended Protection Trademarks which are not included on the previous cases. Sunrise 3 (SR3): Registered Entity Names Entity Names Landrush & Go Live! Pendant of confirmation. Landrush – Estimated for February 2008, Go Live – Estimated for March 2008.

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Entorno Digital First Spanish Accredited Registrar for .ASIA (DotAsia Organisation)