Entorno Digital partners with Parallels

Entorno Digital partners with Parallels

Parallels partners with companies from around the globe to provide to their customers the best resources possible, Entorno Digital is one of this partners.

Entorno Digital is one of the Service Providers that use Parallels Ecosystem of virtualization and automation products as service delivery platform.

Parallels is a worldwide leader in virtualization and automation software that optimizes computing for consumers, businesses, and service providers across all major hardware, operating system, and virtualization platforms.

It is also the #1 company in Hosting Control Panels (Parallels Plesk Panel) which is present in over 1 million virtual servers in the Cloud.

Thanks to the collaboration with Parallels, Entorno Digital:

- Helps customers to establish a professional Web presence and manage a wide variety of Web applications.
- Enable small businesses to collaborate and stay connected to their customers and employees.
- Help small businesses save upfront investment costs and gain access to sophisticated applications.

We are Silver
Parallels partners.

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Entorno Digital partners with Parallels