Get ready for .BARCELONA domains!

Get ready for .BARCELONA domains!

On January 12 .BARCELONA domains will open with the Sunrise Phase, one of the most interesting and expected domain extensions in 2016.

Other European cities such as Berlin, Paris or London also have their own generic top-level domain and now it's time for .BARCELONA. The new domain represents the city of Barcelona, which is ideal if your company is located in this city.

Attract customers to your business with this new domain, as many Internet users search a company by location.

Did you know that .BARCELONA is a brand of reference worldwide? It is synonymous of business opportunity, iconic city,millions of tourists, a city with great shops .,...

Register a .BARCELONA domain and you will obtain:

- Brand protection.
- Immediate identification as a person or company located in Barcelona.
- Improve your business value, generating confidence.
- Improve search engine optimization (SEO).
- A domain which is easy to remember.

Increase your online presence with .BARCELONA .

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Get ready for .BARCELONA domains!