Internet Day (Domains .es 5,00 €+IVA)

Internet Day  (Domains .es 5,00 €+IVA)

On the occasion of the “World Information’s Society & Telecommunications Day: Internet Day” has organized a group of contests for those Internet users and accredited Registry Agents who register “.es” domains in nearby May 17, 2007. Entorno Digital wants to join this initiative doing more economic the “.es” domain during that day, so our costumers, if you wish, could try to achieve one of that contests. - The cost of a second level domain: .es will be 5’00 € (V.A.T not included) - The cost of a third level domain:,, will be 2’00 € (V.A.T. not included) You can see the contests rules in: We confirm you that third level domains will be included in the total of registered domains for the “Super titular” contest. Only the domains registered between 9:00 and 15:00 will be counted. Good Luck! Domain Dept.

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Internet Day (Domains .es 5,00 €+IVA)