Launch of new TLDs domains .wiki, .bar, .rest,...

Launch of new TLDs domains .wiki, .bar, .rest,...

We're thrilled to be bringing you the best new TLDs from early 2014! all these extensions are managed by Centralnic, Entorno Digital is a Centralnic accredited registrar.

All the Centralnic nGTLDs are open and unrestricted

.wiki The TLD synonymous with knowledge and collaboration

Every company should have its own wiki, or register a .wiki defensively. .wiki domains will also be used extensively by techies, hobbyists and for academic study. Perfect for bundling with wiki software.
Exptected launch: january 2014

.bar: The global TLD for bars of every type

“Bar” is a word that is known in every country in the world, and the .bar domain will sell in every country – not only to liquor bars, but sushi or tapas bars; juice, smoothie, cocktail and martini bars;nail, wax or beauty bars; sports, jazz or beach bars - and for candy, chocolate and energy bars.
Exptected launch: December 2014

rest: for restaurants

“.REST” is the abbreviation for the word for “restaurant” in 20 languages. But it’s not just restaurants - also restaurant guides, associations, critics and groups as well as bloggers, chefs, delivery services…
Exptected launch: march 2014

.cafe: for café and coffee culture

The .cafe gTLD is for the world’s 5 million coffee shops, plus restaurants, internet cafes, and the coffee industry (“café” is the Spanish and French word for coffee).
Exptected launch: june 2014

.place: For any online destination

The TLD for places, spaces and destinations, .place is an open, generic and multi-purpose namespace. Expected to identify places of interest, attractions, places of worship, favourite places aswell as provide a generic suffix for any website.
Exptected launch: january 2014

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Launch of new TLDs domains .wiki, .bar, .rest,...