Liberalization of .gt domains of Guatemala

Liberalization of .gt domains of Guatemala

During this period, the opportunity is given to those who have a registered domain name, under ccTLD .gt, to acquire their internationalized domain name and/or directly under. gt (second level).

Domain name must coincide with the one already registered under IDN also availables:
If you registered domain is you can apply for and lá

Sunrise Open:5th of march 2012
Sunrise Close: 18th of march 2012
Sunrise fee: 260€ / include 2 years registration

If there are more than one applicants for an eligible domain name during the "sunrise" period, the priority goes to the third level domain name whose registration with us is oldest.
It is worth noting, however, that the potential number of domain names that can have multiple applications is very low.

*If you want to make more than one application please contact us to know our volume discounts.

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Liberalization of .gt domains of Guatemala