.moda, .social, .pub, .actor new attractive tlds are comming!


Fashion is about expression. From Milan to New York, fashionistas unite in their willingness to assert themselves creatively. Take this self-expression online with a .MODA web and email address.

Sunrise Phase: 9 April 2014
Golive Phase: 16 July 2014


A .SOCIAL domain name is the place for brands, organizations, and individuals to showcase their social media interactions, content, and connections. It’s instantly recognizable, giving you an easy-to-find hub for online conversations.

Sunrise Phase: 26 February 2014*
Golive Phase: 4 June 2014


The .PUBTop Level Domain gives you an instantly recognizable online space. First-time guests will find your pub more easily with this unique web address. Regulars will know exactly where to go for updates on events and band bookings. Both will help you increase site traffic and generate greater revenues.

Sunrise Phase: 2 April 2014*
Golive Phase: 9 July 2014


The .ACTOR Top Level Domain provides aspiring and established performers with an online stage to connect with other actors, agents, casting directors, and fans. Those still looking to break it big can take advantage of this new, low-cost way of being discovered online.

Sunrise Phase: 30 April 2014*
Golive Phase: 6 August 2014

*Sunrise Phase: Reserved to trademark owner with a valid TM include under the TMCH
Domain registration without restrictions

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.moda, .social, .pub, .actor new attractive tlds are comming!