New gTLDs Pre-registration

Entorno Digital is offering the possibility to pre-register your domain name under the new domain extensions (gTLDs) and anticipate to your competitors. These domains will be launched next 2013.

Pre-registration is free of cost and give you the advantage to be informed about the launch information (fees, requirements, registration policy) as soon as published. With this information you'll choose if proceed with the pre-registration payment or if cancel it. In cases of multiple applications for the same domain name, the first application has priority.

The orders will be sent to the registry or registries at the go live phase. Registered domains will be billed, in case of unsuccessful applications the money will be reimbursed to your account's deposit

We cannot guarantee a 100% of successful applications, but we have an average of 52% of successful applications during go lives.

A new Internet era is coming. Protect your brands pre-registering a new gTLDs.

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New gTLDs Pre-registration