New Product Xplorer

New Product  Xplorer

Entorno Digital has developed a new product “Xplorer” It is a usefull application that allow your company to share documents between the differents departments, marketing, sales... to access and operate with this documentation. *Test this service for free on click here User: demo Password: demoFunctionality It is an easy install program, with an intuitive and functional desing that give you access to administer and share different files. Characteristics This service allows you to administer your files, copy, move, rename... up to upload multiple files, edit text files and see images. In the configuration area you will be able to select your own language, change the access password and use different header and footer templates. The administrator (master user) can create differents users, control the level of access of this users and create new folders depending his needs. Eg, master user will be able to createand associate document repositories to the different company departmets, Sales, Marketing, Administrative, etc.. and assign and permit user access to each one. Also Xplorer give you the option to send information through FTP to your providers, or share files using the “public link” option. Please contact to our commercial deparment for additional information by phone +34 935 942 101 or by email

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New Product Xplorer