Prepare your cuppa and enjoy the new .LONDON domain

Prepare your cuppa and enjoy the new .LONDON domain

London is a leading world city and a vibrant centre for business, investment, technology, creativity, education and tourism. Always at the forefront of digital innovations.
London will be among the first to launch a new top-level domain – .London. Businesses, organisations and individuals will be able to register domains ending in .london in order to maximise their internet presence.

Benefits for businesses, communities and organisations:

- You can acquire the short, memorable domain that you want for your business, - organisation, campaign or service.
- You will gain more customers those looking for goods or services in London will instantly recognise that you are local
- People will trust your website as it is associated with London’s domain
- Your brand will be strengthened by an association with London

Sunrise phase will start this April 29th, 2014, only trademark holders registered under the TMCH can register during sunrise.

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Prepare your cuppa and enjoy the new .LONDON domain