.SEX domains open in Sunrise

.SEX domains open in Sunrise

.SEX along with .XXX, .PORN and .ADULT domains are intended to the erotic and pornographic industry that includes adult entertainment.

Trademark owners will have preference during the Sunrise Phase to register their trademark names under .SEX, before the general availability phase open to the general public.

Remember that by protecting your brand, you can prevent your domain from being subject to cybersquatting or related to unwanted content.

Launch dates for new .SEX domains

TMCH Sunrise Phase: September 1- October 1, 2015
trademark holders will be able to register .SEX names before they becomes generally available

Sunrise B/ Domain Matching Phase: (October 5- October 30), 2015
Sunrise B: .XXX holders who participated in the .XXX Sunrise B Program will have priority to register those matching marks in .SEX
Domain Matching: .XXX holders registered during Landrush Phase or General Availability phase will have priority to register those matching marks in .SEX.

General Availability: November 4, 2015
Any natural or legal person may register .SEX domains on a first come, first serve basis.

Secure your brand identity with .SEX

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.SEX domains open in Sunrise