.SEX is avaible for everybody!!

.SEX is avaible for everybody!!

.SEX enters the GO LIVE Phase

.SEX domains along with .XXX, .PORN and .ADULT are intended to the erotic and pornographic industry that includes adult entertainment.

You now have the opportunity to register your .SEX domain without restrictions, on a first come, first served basis.

Did you know that the most searched keywords by adults are new TLDs?

Currently the most searched keywords by adults have their own TLD: SEX, XXX, ADULT and PORN. Words like porn, xxx, sex or adult… are searched 300 million times during a month.

What are the advantages of having keywords in your domain name?

Owning a domain name with keywords will impact your website’s SEO. Search engines credit for the keywords in your domain name, so if your domain matches with theses searches you can improve the ranking of your website in search results of search engines:

– Rank your website at the top of search engines with these TLDs.
– A better ranking in search engines generates more traffic and more possibilities to promote your business.

The importance of PROTECTING your BRAND

Registering domains for brand protection is increasing considerably, and nowadays being protected in the Internet is a priority for businesses. Register yourbrand.SEX and prevent from being subject to cybersquatting or related to unwanted content.

Register your .SEX domain

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.SEX is avaible for everybody!!