SSL Certificates GeoTrust

SSL Certificates GeoTrust

A SSL certificate allows a process of coding and decoding confidential information during its transfer through Internet. Before Web visitors share their personal data, they need to know they can trust the Web site requesting it. Thank to SSL certificates users will know they can trust the organization and people behind it when they are acceding a web site.

How does SSL work?

Web servers and Web browsers use a security protocol named Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) to help users protect their data during transfer. An SSL Certificate contains a public and private key pair as well as verified identification information.

When a browser (or client) points to a secured domain, the server shares the public key with the client to establish an encryption method and a unique session key. The client confirms that it recognizes and trusts the issuer of the SSL Certificate. Encryption ensures that information is scrambled in transit so that only the intended recipient can decode it. The number of bits tells you the size of the key. A larger key has more possible combinations. In fact, 128-bit encryption is one trillion times stronger than 40-bit encryption. GeoTrust Certificates offer 40-bit encryption to 256-bit encryption.

Why SSL?

SSL certificates will assure your clients that your website is a safe place to visit and where they can buy safely. This will also help you to improve your organization's performance and increase the number of completed transactions. To view a Web site's credentials click the closed padlock in a browser window. An Extended Validation (EV) Certificate triggers high-security Web browsers to display your organization's name in a GREEN address bar and show the name of the Certificate Authority that issued it.

Certification entity: GeoTrust

Geotrust is a certification entity globally recognized which authenticates the website or domain before issuing an SSL certificate. The certification seal shows that a site is protected by SSL service and has been authenticated according to strict standards.

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