.sx Landrush Phase

.sx Landrush Phase

.sx Landrush Phase starting next 22/10/2012

Register yout .Sx domain (Saint Marteen) a useful domain and an alternative to .xxx domains wihtout requirements!

Landrush period: 22/10/2012 to 11/11/2012

During the Landrush Phase, Domain Names are not available on a first-come-first served basis. Instead, the Landrush Phase is a premium-priced phase which targets applicants that are more desirous of securing a particular Domain Name.

During the Landrush Phase, applicants can try to secure such a Domain Name by paying a premium price for it and face the possibility of even competing for it at auction.

In cass of losing the action the application fee will not be refunding.

Landrush fee is 140€ /Domain a year.

General Availability will start next 15/11/2012 under first come first served principle.

General Availability fee is 80€ /Domain a year

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.sx Landrush Phase